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Future Undergraduates

Future Students

Become a Faculty of Mathematics student at the University of Waterloo and join the world's largest centre for education in mathematics and computer science!

MB Open House 11 volunteers

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Double Degree grad Adi Morun talks about his new career and how his studies at Waterloo and WLU prepared him for success:

Our open house events are festive and often attended by "Pinky" the Math student government mascot. These photos were taken during March Break Open House.

MBOH crowdMBOH Pinky

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Algorithms boil in your blood, your dreams are filled with computer code, and you live in a world filled to the brim with vectors and theorems… here at the University of Waterloo, you're surrounded by people just like you, people who understand your passion…

Calvin Leung,

4A Math and Business Double Degree

Calvin Leung at the Pink Tie Ceremony