Newton's Method Papers

William J. Gilbert

  1. E.R. Vrscay and W. Gilbert, Extraneous Fixed Points, Basin Boundaries and Chaotic Dynamics for Schroeder and Koenigs Rational Iteration Functions, Numerische Mathematik 52 (1988), 1-16.
           [Math Reviews 89b:30026; Zentralblatt Math:612.30025]
  2. W.J. Gilbert, The Complex Dynamics of Newton's Method for a Double Root, Computers & Mathematics with Applications, 22 No. 10 (1991) 115-119.
           [Math Reviews 92g:65056; Zentralblatt Math:753.65039]
  3. W.J. Gilbert, Newton's Method for Multiple Roots, Computers & Graphics, 18 (1994) 227-229.
    Reprinted in Chaos and Fractals, A Computer Graphical Journey: Ten Year Compilation of Advanced Research (Ed. C. A. Pickover). Amsterdam, Netherlands: Elsevier, pp. 327-329, 1998.
  4. W.J. Gilbert, Generalizations of Newton's Method, Fractals, 9 (2001) 251-262.
           [Math Reviews 2002g:37047; Zentralblatt Math:1046.37027]
Newtons's method figure
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