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Winter 2020:
Operator Algebra Methods in QIT, QIC 890-002/PMATH 950-002
11:30--12:50 T Th, QNC 1201
Course Description
Course Notes: Notes v6
Homework Assignments: Homework 1 , Homework 2 , Homework 3 , Homework 4

Fall 2019:
Measure and Integration, Pmath 451/651,
12:30--1:20, MWF, QNC 1508
Final Exam, Friday, December 13, 2019, 9--11 AM, MC 4060

Winter 2019:
A Survey of Functional Analysis Methods for QIT, QIC 890-003,
11:30--1 MW, QNC 1201
Course Description
FAQI Chapter 1 \\ FAQI Chapter 2(updated) \\ FAQI Chapter 3

Fall 2018:
Completely Bounded Maps, PMath 950, Section 6383
Time and Room: 10--11:30 M W, MC5479
Course Description
Course Projects

Winter 2018:
A survey of Functional Analysis Methods for QIT, PMath 990, QIC 890,
10--11:30 T Th, QNC 1201
Course Description

Measure and Integration, PMath 451,
2:30--4 T Th, RCH 109
Course Description
Final Exam: Saturday, April 21, 2018, 4--6:30pm, PAC Upper 11

Winter 2017, PMath 810--Banach algebras and operator theory, T-Th, 9:30--11:00
Course Description

Fall 2016, A Survey of Functional Analysis Methods for QIT, PMath 990, or QIC 890, M-W, 10--11:30, QNC 1201
Course Description

Winter 2016, Entanglement and Non-Locality, PMath 990, Tu-Th 12:00-1:20, QIC 890
Course Description
Course Notes

Fall 2015, PMath 990, Matrix Analysis, MWF 2:30-3:20, M3-2134
Homework Assignments Updated: 11/27
Course Notes Updated: 11/19


Research interests: Operator Algebras, Operator Theory, Frame Theory, Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces, Quantum Computation and Quantum Information Theory.

Curriculum Vita, including a list of all publications CV.pdf file

Former PhD students: Available here

Copies of some of my student's theses are available here.

Recent Publications


An Introduction to the Theory of Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces, Cambridge Studies in Advanced Mathematics, 152, Cambridge University Press, 2016. cover
This is a collection of errata for the RKHS book:Errata

Completely Bounded Maps and Operator Algebras, Cambridge Studies in Advanced Mathematics, 78, Cambridge University Press, 2003. cover.jpeg
Solutions to Selected Exercises Prepared by Mrinal Ragupathi Solutions Manual .


Matrix range characterizations of operator system properties (with Benjamin Passer) arXiv Link

Bisynchronous Games and Factorizable Maps(with Mizanur Rahaman) arXiv Link

Bigalois extensions and the graph isomorphism game (with Michael Brannan, Alexandru Chirvasitu, Kari Eifler, Samuel Harris, Xiaoyu Su, Mateusz Wasilewski), Communications in Mathematical Physics, DOI 10.1007/s00220-019-03563-9 arXiv link , CMP link

Constant gap between conventional strategies and those based on C*-dynamics for self-embezzlement(with Richard Cleve, Benoit Collins, Li Liu) arXiv link

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Extensions of the Inequalities of Hardy and Hilbert(with D. Singh)Arxiv Abstract

The Functional Analysis of Quantum Information Theory(edited by Ved Prakash Gupta, Prabha Mandayam, V. S. Sunder)Arxiv Abstract

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Lectures on the Kadison-Singer Problem Lecture Notes

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State extensions and the Kadison-Singer Problem(with C. Akemann) ARCC-ap.pdf, AIM preprint.

Injective and projective Hilbert C*-modules, and C*-algebras of compact operators(with M. Frank) Abstract

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A Simple Proof of Bohr's Inequality(with D. Singh) bohrconf.pdf

An Introduction to the Theory of Topological Groups and Their Representations, Course Notes grouprepn.pdf

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On the Ranges of Bimodule Projections(with A. Katavolos), Can. Bull. Math., 48(1), 2005, 97-111, reprints available, Arxiv Abstract


Embezzlement of Entanglement, BIRS, July 25, 2019, Video

Slofstra's Contributions to the Connes Embeddding Problem BIRS, July 15, 2019, Video

Preservation of the Joint Essential Matrical Range CMS, Regina, June 9, 2019, Slides

Constant Gap for Self-Embezzlement CMS, Regina, June 8, 2019, Slides

Quantum probabilities, synchronous games and C*-algebras, Shanks Workshop, Vanderbilt University, September 15, 2018, Slides

Reverse Cholesky Factorisation CMS, December 9, 2017 Slides

Perfect Embezzlement, Connes and Tsirelson COSY, Thunder Bay, May 2017, Slides

C*-algebras and synchronous games Institut Henri Poincare, September 12, 2017 YouTube

Numerical Ranges and Spectral Sets CMS, December 3, 2016 Slides

Quantum Chromatic Numbers GPOTS, UIUC, May 26, 2016, Slides

Operator Systems: Quotients, Duals and Tensors with Applications to Connes' Embedding Problem Banff International Research Station, February 27, 2012 Video

The Functional Analysis of Quantum Information Theory, I, Chennai, India, January 2, 2011, Youtube

The Functional Analysis of Quantum Information Theory, II, Chennai, India, January 3, 2011, Youtube

The Functional Analysis of Quantum Information Theory, III, Chennai, India, January 4, 2011, Youtube

The Functional Analysis of Quantum Information Theory, IV, Chennai, India, January 5, 2011, Youtube

The Functional Analysis of Quantum Information Theory, V, Chennai, India, January 6, 2011, Youtube

Applications of Injective Envelopes AMS, Baltimore, 2003, Slides

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